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The following tools of MO2GEO are now available:
  • The New Explorer with additional functionality. The new Explorer was equipped with a lot of additional functionality: It imports and exports a variety of data formats of different modeling tools and is suitable for the representation of virtual drills and profile sections. Explosion graphics and hiding various horizons for better visibility other horizons are also available.
  • Field module with a new version. The field module of MO2GEO is in its latest version with PostgreSQL connection for download. It uses different standards for lithological, stratigraphic and genetic description of geological outcrops such as boreholes, road cuts, and rock fragments. The collected data can be visualized in profile sections.
  • Additional interpolation method: smoothing. As part of the continuation of the work on MO2GEO an interpolation method has been added which includes on the basis of measured values regionalization by smoothing. The number of smoothing steps is arbitrary, the result is a grid in the ESRI ASCII GRID format.
  • L -IDW : A new interpolation method for line input data. Interpolation methods are usually based on point input data. In some cases, however, already expert knowledge incorporated in the generation of contour lines that need to be converted into a surface. Point-based interpolation methods are not optimized for this task and give therefore not always satisfactory results. L -IDW is a new interpolation method that reads line data and generates a quasi-continuous grid. In the current version 0.5 of the Atlas BNA format for the data lines and the ESRI ASCII GRID are supported for the resulting grid. The source code is written in C + + and the graphical user interface was implemented using the wxWidgets library. This enables in addition to pre-compiled Windows version a compilation of the source code under Linux. A version with OpenMP for parallel computing is also included as a source in the appropriate directory.
  • The viewer system, a visualization tool that was elaborated with highly specialized tools.
  • The Gis-Modflow05 tool is an application of an interface between GIS and MODFLOW.The Open Source GIS have evolved very rapidly in recent years, as well as the open source solver for numerical groundwater models MODFLOW of the USGS. The tool GIS-MODFLOW provides the connection between Quantum GIS, SAGA GIS, GRASS or ArcView (TM) and MODFLOW 2005. It is also open source and cross-platform.
  • The TSA a tool for time series analysis of unevenly spaced data (period scanning technique).

Have some fun with it. Your comments are welcome to

mo2geo_explorer.zip (10,6MB) intro_en.pdf (12 KB)
mo2geo_FieldModule.zip (23,7 MB) description_tsa.pdf (32 KB)
smooth_release05.zip (1,6MB) tsa.cpp (14,7 KB)
L_IDW05.zip (3,6MB) tsa.exe (478 KB)
mo2geo_viewer05.zip (27 MB) MO2GEO_A4.pdf (12 KB)
gis_modflow05.zip (6,05 MB) IAMG_2011_Salzburg_mo2geo.pdf (617 KB)
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